Collins Project Delivery

New Water Frameworks Contract

A remarkable undertaking that showcases our commitment to excellence is the Angelinos Mains Improvement Scheme, executed on behalf of Murphy’s. This project finds its place within Thames Water’s portfolio of assets, aiming to provide resilience to an existing prestressed 27″ concrete main that has surpassed its useful life. With an initial contract sum of £4 million, the project involves the installation of 18,500 metres of 600mm DI pipe, reinforced thrust blocks, washout systems, and a myriad of mass concrete structures. The inclusion of horizontal directional drilling adds an extra layer of complexity, rendering this project both challenging and undeniably intriguing.

Partners in Progress:

Collins’ involvement in the Angelinos Mains Improvement Scheme is more than just a partnership. It’s a testament to our role as facilitators of progress. Collaborating with Murphy’s, we take on the task of enhancing the resilience of the existing 27″ concrete main. This is a critical asset in Thames Water’s infrastructure. Through this collaboration, we bring to the table expertise and a shared commitment to delivering a project that embodies innovation and quality.

Breathing New Life:

At the core of the Angelinos Mains Improvement Scheme is the pursuit of resilience and longevity. The existing prestressed concrete main has served its purpose, and our role is to pave the way for its revitalisation. By installing 18,500 metres of 600mm DI pipe and reinforcing the system with thrust blocks, washout systems, and mass concrete structures, we demonstrate our ability to transform infrastructure and breathe new life into essential assets.

Navigating Complexity with Confidence:

The Angelinos Mains Improvement Scheme is not for the faint-hearted, with its intricate challenges and dynamic requirements. The inclusion of horizontal directional drilling adds an element of complexity that requires a nuanced approach. Yet, Collins embraces this complexity with confidence, navigating uncharted waters to deliver results that align with the project’s overarching goals.

A Symphony of Planning and Commercial Expertise:

With an NEC 3 contract and an Activity Schedule, the Angelinos Mains Improvement Scheme is a venture that demands meticulous planning and a keen commercial focus. Collins steps up to this challenge, recognising the importance of both precision and adaptability. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering infrastructure and excellence to every aspect of the project’s life cycle.

A Future Forged:

Beyond the physical infrastructure, the Angelinos Mains Improvement Scheme represents a future forged through collaboration, innovation, and dedication. Our contributions extend beyond the installation of pipes and structures; they represent the spirit of progress that defines our approach to every project. As the scheme unfolds, our impact will resonate in the resilience of the main and the enhanced infrastructure it supports.

Our role in the Angelinos Mains Improvement Scheme epitomises our position as leaders in transformative infrastructure projects. Through collaboration, expertise, and dedication, they are not just enhancing resilience; they are shaping the future of essential assets. As the project continues to evolve, Collins’ legacy of excellence will be woven into the very fabric of the infrastructure, a reminder that progress is best achieved through innovation and partnership.