Collins Project Delivery

London Overground Works

In the dynamic realm of London’s transportation, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner, consistently driving projects that redefine the commuting experience. An accomplishment that stands as a testament to our expertise and commitment is our continued collaboration with Murphy on the latest TfL projects. Providing specialised planning and commercial support that contributes to London’s ever-evolving transport infrastructure, we are immensely proud to be retained for these ventures.

A Legacy of Excellence:

Our involvement in the latest TfL projects is a reflection of our legacy of excellence. Collaborating with Murphy, we play a key role in projects that hold the potential to transform the way Londoners travel. With a commitment to innovation and quality, we leverage our expertise to elevate the transport experience for commuters across the city.

A Strategic Approach:

The partnership between Collins and Murphy is a testament to the strategic approach that underpins our projects. The collaboration, with a £10 million budget and an NEC Option C framework, anchors in meticulous planning and efficient execution. This approach ensures that the projects align with TfL’s vision while delivering tangible benefits to commuters.

Revitalising Stations:

The heart of these TfL projects lies in the transformation of 10 stations on the West Anglia network. The goal: to enhance the ambience and reduce fraudulent travel. Our contributions are multifaceted, encompassing new Pavilions for stations like Turkey Street and Bethnal Green. The introduction of staff accommodation at Theobalds Grove adds a layer of convenience. The general refurbishments, spanning handrails, stairs, walls, platforms, shelters, entrances, seating, and mechanical and electrical systems, are all geared towards creating a more seamless and secure commuting experience.

A Commitment to Excellence:

Our involvement extends beyond the physical upgrades. Our planning and commercial support are instrumental in ensuring the projects stay on track and within budget. By offering specialised expertise, we contribute to the efficient execution of these transformative ventures. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of the project lifecycle.

Shaping the Future:

We are involved in TfL projects that go beyond mere construction endeavours. They are steps towards shaping the future of transportation in London. By improving stations and infrastructure, we are contributing to a network that is functional, user-friendly and secure. The enhancements, from mechanical and electrical upgrades to the introduction of new amenities, all contribute towards a better commuting experience.

Our role in the latest TfL projects exemplifies their position as key players in London’s transportation evolution. With a focus on strategic planning, specialised support, and an unwavering commitment to quality, we are shaping the way Londoners move.