Collins Project Delivery

High Speed Rail 2 – Euston Station

In the dynamic landscape of rail infrastructure, Collins has consistently driven projects that redefine the possibilities of connectivity and efficiency. One such endeavour for Collins is its engagement in the Network Rail / HS2 development of 2 Service Contracts (DSA2+3). These contracts play a pivotal role in shaping the future of rail connectivity, focusing on essential site surveys and investigations. These are across both the track-work areas of the station and the main station buildings and platforms.

Transforming Infrastructure:

Our involvement in the Network Rail / HS2 Service Contracts underscores our commitment to transformative rail infrastructure development. The project encompasses a broad spectrum of improvements, including revitalising the deteriorating DBS D.B. Shenker shed, HV & LV Cable Diversion works, installing a new 11Kv Substation, upgrading the PSB (Power Signal Box), civil and rail works at Granby Terrace, Barmby Terrace, and the Main Station Works on the East/West side. The scope extends further to encompass new station accommodations, retail outlet alterations on the concourse and surrounding areas, platform widening, and the construction of a new 4th escalator down to the LUL station below level. Additionally, the project involves the creation of a new compactor house, ramp widenings to the parcel deck access points, and a new building entrance on the east side.

Navigating Complexity with Expertise:

The Network Rail / HS2 Service Contracts represent a formidable challenge, demanding an intimate understanding of rail infrastructure intricacies. Collins approaches this challenge with a wealth of experience, contributing to the Early Contractor Involvement process (ECI) and participating in the GRIP 4 Design & Surveys stage. With clear coordination and communication, we have ensured that each step aligns with the project’s overarching goals. We address design gaps and proposing solutions where needed.

Precision in Execution:

Collins’ role in this endeavour isn’t just limited to the conceptual stage. We are actively participating in the realisation of scheduled deliverables. Through diligent management of design and progress, Collins is instrumental in securing High Speed 2 handover dates. The comprehensive approach extends to encompass overall programme management, risk assessment, and project cost resourcing. This reflects our dedication to precision and quality.

A Vision for Connectivity:

Beyond the technicalities, the Network Rail / HS2 Service Contracts embody a vision for enhanced rail connectivity. By widening platforms, constructing new escalators, and revitalising key structures, we are actively contributing to the seamless flow of transportation. Every detail, every effort is geared towards a future where rail travel is not just efficient but also accommodating and comfortable.

Our involvement in the Network Rail / HS2 Service Contracts is a testament to our pioneering spirit in rail infrastructure development. Through expertise, dedication, and a commitment to transformation, they are shaping the future of rail connectivity. As the project continues to unfold, our impact will be evident in the improved infrastructure and the smoother travel experience it affords. Remember, innovation and strategic collaboration drive progress.