Collins Project Delivery

Heathrow Remediation Scheme

A standout venture that underscores our expertise is the Heathrow Remediation Scheme. This is a remarkable endeavour that took flight in November 2016. Partnering with St James, Berkley Group as the client, Collins has taken the reins of a £25.6 million NEC 3 contract. We have assumed responsibility for full project management, logistics, and seamless client integration.

Breathing New Life into Land:

The Heathrow Remediation Scheme is more than just a project; it’s a vision of renewal and transformation. Collaborating with St James, Berkley Group, Collins embarked on this journey to reshape a former gas site into a sprawling residential development spanning 84 acres. Nestled near Heathrow, the triangular expanse in Southall holds immense potential, bounded by the Great Western railway to the south, the Paddington arm of the Grand Union canal to the northwest, and Southall residential areas extending northeast.

A Grand Vision Realised:

At the heart of this ambitious undertaking lies Collins’ comprehensive involvement. The initial 2-year contract speaks volumes about the scope and complexity of the project. Tasked with phased remediation, integrated deep drainage works, and associated earthworks, Collins proves its prowess in turning vision into reality. The scale of the project necessitates not just execution, but a masterful orchestration of logistics, coordination, and client engagement.

Mastering Complexity:

The Heathrow Remediation Scheme is a symphony of complexities, and Collins conducts this symphony with remarkable precision. As the conductor of full project management, we navigate a landscape where challenges and opportunities intersect. The integration of deep drainage works, earthworks, and phased remediation requires a meticulous approach. Every action needs to be guided by a strategic vision.

A Site Transformed:

The transformation of a former gas site into a sprawling residential development is a testament to our ability to reshape landscapes. This triangular expanse, which once held industrial history, is now on its way to becoming a vibrant residential community. Our role in this metamorphosis is not just about construction; it’s about crafting an environment where people can thrive and create lasting memories.

Towards a Promising Future:

The Heathrow Remediation Scheme isn’t merely a project with a defined timeline; it’s a promise for the future. Our involvement reflects our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and progress. By seamlessly managing logistics, overseeing phased remediation, and integrating deep drainage works, we are shaping more than just a development site – we’re crafting a better way of life.

Our role in the Heathrow Remediation Scheme is a testament to our position as a leader in transformative development. Through our comprehensive involvement, we are not just reshaping landscapes; they’re forging communities and shaping a brighter tomorrow. As the project continues to evolve, our impact will be etched into the very fabric of the new residential development. This is a reminder that with expertise and dedication, possibilities are limitless.