Collins Project Delivery

Multi-Million Housing Scheme moves to Construction Phase

We have secured a pivotal role in partnership with Orbit Homes (2020) Limited. The mission at hand: to provide comprehensive commercial management services for the ambitious St Anne’s Wharf project in Norwich, a multi-million-pound endeavour that currently stands as one of the largest projects of its kind in the region.

A Vision Taking Shape:

Our involvement in the St Anne’s Wharf project signifies more than just a role; it’s a testament to their ability to shape visions into reality. At the heart of this venture lies the construction of new residential apartments and retail units, nestled in the vibrant heart of Norwich. The project’s location off King Street, alongside the picturesque River Wensum, adds an element of charm and connectivity to the development.

Diverse Living Spaces:

The St Anne’s Wharf Development is a canvas upon which Collins is actively painting a diverse tapestry of living spaces. With a mix of outright sale, shared ownership, affordable, and private rental homes, the project encompasses 437 properties, each contributing to the vibrant fabric of the community. The inclusion of small commercial areas further adds to the project’s allure, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment.

Navigating Complexity with Finesse:

Embarking on a venture of this magnitude requires finesse in navigating complexities, and we rise to the challenge. Our services encompass a spectrum of critical tasks, including the preparation and updating of monthly cost reports. Our active participation in various monthly meetings showcases our commitment to seamless communication and collaboration. In addition, we provide invaluable insights by offering detailed advice on alternative design and construction cost options, contributing to the project’s efficiency.

Collaboration at its Core:

Our engagement goes beyond the construction site. It is integral to the project’s ecosystem, liaising with key stakeholders such as the Client (Orbit Homes), Project Manager (TCM), Design Team, and client legal advisors. Their role is pivotal in ensuring alignment, streamlining processes, and fostering collaboration that leads to impactful results.

A Journey of Pride:

Our involvement in the St Anne’s Wharf project is a source of pride, marked by our engagement since January 2015. Our presence throughout the project’s evolution speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence, our ability to adapt, and our dedication to ensuring that every aspect of the project is meticulously managed.

Our role in the St Anne’s Wharf project is a shining example of our prowess in commercial management within the realm of construction and development. Our active participation in shaping living spaces, our navigation of complexities, and our collaborative approach are testaments to our dedication. As the project continues to unfold, our impact will resonate in every aspect of the development, underscoring our position as architects of progress and transformation.