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Commercial tendering information to planning softwares


Linking Varied Tender and Construction Schemes


Collins continues to invest and implement superior planning and commercial innovations for the very best projects. Our unique software is growing in demand across the UK’s industry and proving to be a great team tool for the very best tendering practices. Collins have tendered over £225rn worth of contracts with the new software techniques


Commercial and planning information is typically not communicated well between parties or easily maintained from tender to construction stages.


Provide a mechanism to link the 2 disciplines automatically. This radically improves communication and enables the scheduled elements to be directly generated from the estimators and quantity surveyors take offs, providing superior data based resource and unit information for programme development. A super time saving tender team tool.


We have developed an interface program that can transfer a fully costed and resourced bill from Causeway into Primavera P6 on demand. When the interface is run, it carries out the following operations:

  • Displays a list of estimates so that the user can select one to import.
  • Verifies that the EPS and resource library in P6 are set up correctly.
  • Creates WBS elements corresponding to the structure of the estimate.
  • Creates tasks corresponding to the cost items in the estimate.
  • Creates resources and cost rates from the resources used in the estimate and assigns these resources to the tasks.
  • Sets task durations based on the labour/plant used by each item.